Why Property in Evia?

We believe Evia has many advantages over other locations in Greece for property ownership.


First and foremost Evia is highly accessible all year round. The capital, Halkida, can be reached in an hour from Athens airport, which has direct flight connections with many European cities. Secondly, although an island, it is linked to the mainland by two bridges, which means that unlike other Greek islands, which can be cut off at times, it is permanently accessible. Since Evia is not reliant on tourism, it is an island that functions all year round, again in contrast to many of the smaller islands which come alive only in the summer.


Evia is relatively unspoilt and undeveloped. Many of the other Aegean islands are witnessing rampant over-development, which will gradually erode their original charms. Evia’s size (it is Greece’s second largest island) and lack of development means that it is still possible to find these charms. Many parts of the island offer exquisite, unspoilt scenery and views — it is possible to be far from it all and yet at the same time to be close to ‘civilisation’, be that a capital city, an airport or towns that function all year round.


We believe that being able to reach your property and enjoy it all year round is a major asset that Evia has to offer. And since on account of its size there is always something new to do, or something new to see, it is worth visiting at any time.


Finally, we believe some parts of Evia still offer excellent value for money when it comes to buying land.


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