Your Property Options 

There are three basic options for acquiring property in Evia.


1)      You can buy an existing property, either new or previously-owned.


2)      You can renovate an older property.


3)      You can buy land and build a property to your specifications (‘Design & Build’).


All three options have their advantages and disadvantages. The first option is the easiest, but choice is often restricted and the cost is higher than for the third option. The second option may be cheaper than the first option (but can also be more expensive), but choice is even more restricted since the island of Evia does not offer many properties for renovation in desirable locations.


When it comes to second homes, the third option is the most popular both for locals as well as foreigners. It allows you to locate your home on land of your choice, chosen with your criteria in mind, and then to build a home to your design and specifications. It will generally be cheaper than the first option, but entails much more work, and of course takes much longer. But the rewards are there, for those who are patient.


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